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 Xi's Sheet

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PostSubject: Xi's Sheet   Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:30 am

Name: Xiamara "Xi" Annesley
Country Affiliation: Reim
Race: Magician
Tier: D-Tier
Class: Magician [Light]
Age + Birthdate: 17/ June 12
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

Xi may easily come off as uncaring and self-centered, and can similarly also easily be misinterpreted as such. Her attitude towards her new acquaintances almost always leaves much to be desired, with immaturity also being a key complaint that her peers will bring up with regards to her as a person.

This self-centered, immature front is who Xi is as a person. She carries herself with pride and confidence, and it easily spills over to the strength that she carries herself with, putting people off with how confident, almost complacent, she may carry herself, often misconstruing as well the ideas that she is uncaring for their well-being, which is only in most cases partially false.

As a friend, however, Xi is mildly different. Mildly. Her attitude does not take a large turn for the better, but a more gentle side of her does show itself. More instances where she acts unlike a mega-bitch often arise. Gentleness is a weakness, however, and is often hidden well behind a veil of misleading intent and random chance, allowing Xito mask any consideration she takes on the account of others, coming off simply as someone either snot-nosed and stuck up, or uncaring and professional.


Meat Lover: A simple like to explain. This woman likes to eat meat. Chicken, pork, ham and all of that good stuff.

Sweets: Xi can always be seen either chewing gum or with a lollipop in her mouth.


Rules: She's not too keen on a lot of rules due to loving freedom. She doesn't really care for those who over-due the 'breaking rules' gig like killing for no reason, but if it's in her way of fun...she doesn't follow.

Bugs: Creepy crawly little things, ugh bugs of all kinds. They just, no no no no no no NO, BURN THE HOUSES DOWN EW BUGS!!


To live: Many people aspire to become the greatest warrior in the world, some aspire to be the richest while others wish for world domination. Xi on the other hand just wants to live life to the best of her abilities. She just wants to be free as a bird in the sky, with no one holding her back and living her life without restrictions. There is a world out there to explore and she’ll be damned if anyone would hold her back.


Captivity: Seeing as freedom is what she treasures most in life, naturally captivity would be what she dreads the most. Just the thought of never being able to travel the world while admiring what she has to offer and not being able to eat any more sweets keeps her up at night. Though she still participates in the nefarious activity here and there, she has perfected the art of not getting caught and if she did well, she would rather death.

Face-Claim: Jack-O' Valentine [Gulity Gear]
Hair Color: Red and White
Eye Color: Reddish-brown
Height: 162.5 cm
Weight: 120.0 lb

What do you see when you look at a face? Is it beautiful? Is it plain? Do you take notice in the smallest of details, or does is it the whole picture that matters most? Long, white hair with long, messy bangs. Or maybe you notice the cold, steely look in those red eyes that can shock you if you aren’t expecting them. They speak volumes, and yet they say nothing all at once. The smooth pale skin would note a pampered lifestyle but that was far from it. The fact that the woman before you stands at 162.5 cm may intimidate you, or be attractive if your tastes are as such. Her body may seem delicate and slim, but it is all lean muscle that would snap your neck easily should the need arise. You can never judge a person by just one look. Not fully. Even a pretty face could hide a warrior beneath it.

Her walk is both powerful and graceful, rigid yet smooth. It is that of a dancer and a soldier. She does not seem to give any judgment should she look upon you, her gaze is merely calm and impassive. Only in certain instances does she actually choose to allow herself to express what she is thinking, or feeling. On rare occasions do such things appear of their own volition.

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features: None

As early as she could remember, she had been living off the streets, picking at scraps from restaurants whenever they had leftovers - and they always had leftovers - from a day's work.  

Everyone always criticized those restaurants. Comments that they were wasteful were thrown around with little care for what they actually entailed. Critiques of hygiene were often cited. Debates about the social costs of their actions were often invoked. She didn't understand. She wasn't bright enough to. With no education or direction, she could only ask herself why the state itself was so hell-bent on eliminating the one source of sustenance she had for herself.  

The boys and the girls were never any kinder. They were her age, but they always wore the nicer clothes. They always wore the cleaner clothes. In some cases, they were the ones with the clothes, not her. In her worst moments, she would be fortunate to have a rag to cover her body, not so much fearing for the decency that she was never taught of, as much as she feared for the cold of the nights.  

She was lucky, though. Even in her state, she was more fortunate than the other inhabitants of the streets of Reim, for she had a home. To others, it was narrow, and dark, and often reeked of garbage, but to her, it was safe, cool, and always filled with scraps to be collected, either to be sold, bartered, or kept. And, it faced a magnificent house that always filled her head with dreams of grandeur and dreams of finally living a life that was so unlike the one she was in now.   Yet, as simple a life as she had built for herself, it wasn't enough as she grew. Her body demanded more food. Rags were no longer enough to hide her frail and bony body. Scraps were no longer enough to get by, and instead of getting them from the trash, the unknowing girl moved to get them from the restaurant itself, without the owners' permission.  

The unknowing girl turned to stealing.  

She was good at it. She was always good at what she did. She made sure she was good at it. She wasn't smart, but she knew that if she wasn't good at it, she would get caught. She wasn't smart, but she knew that getting caught was bad, and she didn't want to get caught. She wasn't smart, but she was smart enough to know that.   However, as agile as her fingers were, they weren't enough. It was only a matter of time, but she got caught. It wasn't by the restaurant, no. She wasn't smart, but she was too smart for that. No, it was a Magician who had caught her. Sixteen years old, two years her senior, but already so much her better. Xi was scared. She knew she was in the wrong. She feared the consequences. But she could never have expected a warm welcome. Instead of the stick, she had gotten the carrot, and the Mage who had put her down began to bring her up as one of her own.   Desperate for some shelter and some steady income, Xi had decided to learn magic not only so she could defend herself but so that she could earn a living as well.

Role-Play Sample:

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Xi's Sheet
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