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 Diana's Vi's Techniques

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PostSubject: Diana's Vi's Techniques    Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:41 am



Poison status effects- Hallucination, Numb, Dizzy

Dizzy- disorientation as a result of blunt force trauma or poison.
Counter Tier - Reaction

Numb- Difficulty of mobility to partial immobility in the affected body part as a result of various things including but not limited to poisons, blunt force trauma, electrocution, clot, cold and bleed.
Counter Tier - Defense, Reaction, Endurance or Chakra depending on source.

Poison- Constant damage to an opponent as long as poison is coursing through their system, poison can also cause additional status effects depending on the type of poison.
Counter Tier - Endurance or None depending on source

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Posts : 123
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PostSubject: Re: Diana's Vi's Techniques    Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:29 pm

Kazu wrote:
Tuning Blade (C)
Stumbling Edge (C)
Twin Moon Dance (D)
Iaido (D)
Kendo (C)
Batto (B)

Stumbling Edge + Twin Moon Dance = Crescent Moon Edge (B) Wakizashi + Tanto
Iaido + Kendo = Iaiken (B) Ninjato
Batto + Tuning Blade = Shinmei-ryu (A) Kodachi
Crescent Moon Edge + Iaiken + Shinmei-ryu = Yagu Shinkage-ryu (S) Dōtanuki

Movement Technique
Twin Moon Dance
Displaced Step (Displacement Aura fighting style revolving around the use of ones Displacement Aura as foot falls allowing for slowed falling and increased distance coverage.)


Heavenly Transfer Technique (You will need a stronger Raidengan to bring out it's true potential)


I forgot to mention previously that as my heir I do not mean just with Isley but everything that was mine is now yours and I bequeath you full authority to use them however you wish. I will rest easy knowing that you will not fail me not to mention having my techniques not fall into unworthy hands such as Corazon or Blade.
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Diana's Vi's Techniques
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