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 Adélaïde Jiko

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PostSubject: Adélaïde Jiko   Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:58 am

Personal Info

Name: Adélaïde Jiko
Alias: N/A
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Female
Height: 64.0"
Weight: 120.0 lb
Zodiac Sign: Leo


Many people take one look at Adel and assume the worst. Which is understandable due to mean look she has. But that could be the furthest from the truth. Adel's personality is that of a cheery woman, just into her teens with a fresh round of enthusiasm for everything that she comes across. Be it trying to make new friends, fighting in a battle, or simply lounging about, her face can always be counted on to have a smile on it. She's very rarely without one and it makes the moments when she is serious, or threatening to be that much more effective. Those who know her have described her as 'carefree' and 'jovial' but one wouldn't want to get on her bad side.

Adel is loyal to a fault, choosing the high road of protecting her friends and family over selfish goals of monetary gain and power. She's always supportive of others and tries to help them reach new heights. Be they reaching for the heights of a new rank, a new job, or even a new jutsu, Adel is always there to cheer them on and help them up when they need it.



20- death:


Adel had led the most basic life one could imagine. Born the as the middle child of several children in her family, Adel was what you would consider the favorite. Not because she was extraordinarily skilled, in fact, she was if not the weakest of the family, it was simply due to the fact that she was an absolute doll which came as a surprise to many due to the menacing look she had. Entering the academy she was what one would consider an average student, she didn’t have any special talents besides spewing fire every once and a while but she was well liked by her peers, even though they actually feared her at one point.

Graduating from the academy, Adel became a Genin and showed no interest in advancing beyond that until one day she had gained some inspiration by reading the exploits of famous shinobi. It was then she decided she would give this ninja thing a try and here we are now.

Cypher Info

Village: Kohai
Rank: Genin
Clan: Jiko
Reactor Core: Phase

Primary Weapon: Katana
Shuriken Type: Four point
Bow: Long Bow
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Adélaïde Jiko
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